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Toastmasters is an 80-year-old non-profit educational organization with it's headquarter in Santa Ana, California, USA. It's mission is to improve the communication and leadership skills of it's members.

Toastmasters International has almost 300,000 members in over 14,000 clubs around the world in 122 countries. (Figures as of August 2013)

The following are some of the people's views about Toastmasters(TM):-

"TM is a worldwide organization dedicated to improving communication and leadership skills."

"TM is a language laboratory for learning to get up and speak in front of others."

"TM is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to speak in front of a group of people."

All About Toastmasters
How Toastmasters works

At Toastmasters, members learn by speaking to groups and working with others in a supportive environment. A typical Toastmasters club is made up of 20 to 30 people who meet once a week for about an hour. Each meeting gives everyone an opportunity to practice:

Conducting meetings. Meetings usually begin with a short business session which helps members learn basic meeting procedures.
Giving impromptu speeches. Members present one-to two-minute impromptu speeches on assigned topics.
Presenting prepared speeches. Three or more members present speeches based on projects from the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Program manuals. Projects cover such topics as speech organization, voice, language, gestures, and persuasion.

Offering constructive evaluation. Every prepared speaker is assigned an evaluator who points out speech strengths and offers suggestions for improvement.


How Toastmasters Can Help You

Your success in business is based on how effective you are. Through participation in the Toastmasters Communication and Leadership program, people from all backgrounds learn to effectively speak, conduct a meeting, manage a department or business, lead, delegate, and motivate.


The names "Toastmasters International", "Toastmasters" and the Toastmasters International emblem are trademarks protected in the United States, Canada and other countries where Toastmasters Clubs exist. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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